If you could achieve your financial goals by simply putting money away in the bank, you wouldn’t need a financial plan. Unfortunately, life is a little more complex – it’s hard to understand the intricacies of investment, taxation and ever-changing rules and regulations, so you need professional help.

 Yet many of us resist seeking advice, as if our financial future weren’t just as important as our health or our children’s education. We often decide to manage our financial affairs ourselves, or leave it to someone we know, which is a bit like buying vegetables at the butcher’s.

Financial planning is a specialist profession and you should make sure that you’re getting advice from a properly qualified person. A financial planner will help you reach your goals; even if retirement may seem a lifetime away, the sooner you start planning the more likely you’ll be to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.


Superannuation, retirement, insurance, investments, budgeting? is your mind already wandering and eyes glazing over?

At a glance

  • Finance can be complex.
  • Laws and financial strategies change.
  • Financial Planners are trained to advise on a wide range of financial matters.
  • Using a financial expert means you don’t have to be one.

 Knowing where and how to invest your money can feel like learning to drive.

Think of your money as vehicles travelling along various roads that can help you reach your lifestyle goals. Sometimes the road rules change and faster routes are built. And sometimes you can get a flat tyre or make the wrong turn – which delays your trip. Having a qualified professional – like a Financial Planner – guide you through the maze of roads and road rules could get you to your destination much sooner.

 So, if you are interested in taking control of your financial future, by making the right decisions with your money, then good financial advice can help.

Using a financial expert

Just like any other professional service, a Financial Planner is trained to advise you on a range of financial matters – helping to build, manage and protect your wealth.

Your financial future could look brighter by:

  • improving your household budget
  • reducing your debts and taxes
  • saving or investing for something special
  • buying or renovating a home, paying it off sooner or investing in property
  • protecting your wealth and those that are important to you
  • making a lifestyle change
  • preparing for a comfortable retirement, and
  • making the most of your retirement income and any government payments.

Some Financial Planners also specialise in business needs Unless suitably qualified, a Financial Planner should not advise you about your tax affairs, the law relating to estate planning, preparing a will or stockbroking. These are the jobs of other specialists. Many people arrange for all of their specialists to work together to achieve the plan you’ve set with your planner.

Whether it is helping you take the tentative steps to budgeting or implementing complex tax minimisation strategies, a good Financial Planner will help you set clear goals and outline what you need to do to achieve them.