NO, we do not provide any tips or advice about buying any specific stocks.
We do not promote or market any stocks
We do not have any vested interest in promoting certain stocks
We do not have any schemes to attract investment in specific stocks
We provide education and training to create a mindset compatible for success in all kinds of businesses and wealth creation avenues - stock market trading being one of them.
We also provide customized technology and Artificial intelligence for successful stock market trading on all Trading platforms and also all kinds of stocks, bonds, binary and commodity trading markets.
We are NOT financial agents. We are Educators. Our clients do not choose us. We choose our clients. One has to fulfill certain basic criteria to register with Make Millions. We accept the candidate only if he/she shows genuine interest and commitment in developing a new mindset and training themselves for financial growth and prosperity. If you choose stock market as a vehicle for wealth creation then you will benefit from the skills, training and customized trading technology we provide.
We do not use astrology to make predictions about the Stock Market, neither do we teach it. We use Financial Astrology to identify which sector or business venture can bring you greatest success and guide you in that direction. If stock market trading is your chosen avenue to create wealth we will provide all the necessary education and cutting edge technology and tools to help you achieve success.
We do not make predictions about the fate of stocks and companies. Financial astrology is employed by Make Millions as a guiding tool to help you take wise and sound decisions about your Investment strategies and business ventures.
No. Again we do not manage Investment Portfolios. We are not Portfolio Managers. We only provide education as to the right way, time and avenue to invest and also the training to develop a mindset that will attract money and prosperity from multiple sources.
Like J.P. Morgan once said “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” Having a huge portfolio like this is like having a luxury car like a Ferrari or Rolls Royce. One has to be extra careful with it. It requires expert care and maintenance. If you are hungry you have to eat; someone else cannot eat and satisfy your hunger. We believe that if you have resources and wealth that needs managing you are the best person to do it. No one else will think about and care for your money as much you do. Hence, we don’t take your money and invest it for you, and also don’t advice you to allow someone else to manage it. With the education, training and latest technology we provide you will be capable to create and manage your own portfolio.