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At Make Millions it is our mission to make people’s dream come true by following a systematic approach towards Financial Engineering & advisory. Doing the ‘right’ thing  at the “right” time is a virtue most desirable. The difference between success and failure is often, not dictated by knowledge or expertise, but by its actual application and perseverance. When it comes to successful wealth creation for clients, it is something that we believe in & practice. For us it is more than a mission; it is what defines our lives and our actions. With this passion, we continue to evolve and make the right product and service innovations in our offerings. Our passion has seen us grow from strength to strength and expand rapidly, setting new benchmarks in the process. But to us, what really matters the most is the number of lives we have managed to transform and we still have a long way to go.

What is Financial Engineering?

Financial Engineering is a step by step process that helps individuals to meet his life goals through proper management of financial resources. Every individual wants to fulfill, their own financial needs & desire. This process allows controlling the financial solutions to achieve their needs & desires.

Process of financial engineering?

While process is described in steps, financial engineering should be viewed as a seamless co-ordination of an integrated process of managing one’s financial resources & Consideration.

The Financial Engineering process "at a glance":

Step One - Determining the current financial solution
Developing a relationship with client and focusing on his current financial position by preparing his list of assets & liabilities & expenses spent on various expenses.
Step Two - Gathering Information & Setting Financial Goals
Garner all relevant information related to the client's financial position and get client to declare dreams, expectancy and goals. Aid clients to reiterate goals precisely
Step Three -Analyze & Evaluate the Information
Creativity in developing alternatives is also a crucial when making decisions. Doing an assessment of client's financial predicament standing in the way of the client's goals.
Evolve & Present Action Plan
Mapping an action plan detailing strategies that are matching to achieve the client's goals. Identifying optional methods to accomplish goals & getting the consent to institute action.
Execute the Action Plan
Encouraging & assisting clients to execute the action plan. Eg: Acquisition of necessary products, instruments and necessary for plan to work.
Monitor and Review Plan
Appraise the performance of all execution mediums. Reviewing changes & rework plan to suit the need. Eg: Continuing the same course of action, expanding the current, changing it or taking a new course of action as per client's goals. Financial Engineering is a dynamic process that does not end when a particular action is taken. When life events affect financial needs, this financial engineering process provides a vehicle for adapting to those changes. Regularly reviewing this decision making process will help to prioritize adjustments that will bring the financial goals & activities in line with the current life situation

Key Features of our Financial Engineering Program

How to grow your money: Ways to multiply your money ranging from conservative strategies to aggressive approach depending on your comfort level.

Art of minting money:How to make money effortlessly starting with what you have and doing what you do, albeit a little differently.

Prosperity programming:Changing your mindset and deep-seated negative beliefs that keep you away from building wealth and living prosperity.

Wealth creation avenues:Creating wealth is about diligently investing in educating yourself, learning the basics of finances, understanding risk and reward, and taking right action at the right time.  We provide the avenues to have these mechanics thereby helping you leverage your wealth by investing appropriately and earning out-sized returns.

Wealth creation education: Wealth creation refers to building wealth through a variety of methods using financial products to meet specific goals, like becoming free of debt, retirement, buying a house etc. An ideal Wealth Creation strategy incorporates variety of investments and puts you in control of your financial decisions.

Avenues for parking money:Right instruments and formats to park your money for short-term and long-term needs based on your risk-taking capacity.

Investment guidance:How to invest money in small to large projects to increase revenue.

Power broking:With our highly influential network of company CEOs, top notch executives and bureaucrats we as industry insiders can offer valuable advice, which most others can’t.

Customization of trading tools:A trading platform offering rich set of trading tools along with flexible customization and market simulation module to aggregate all the operations under the one roof. Everything that scalpers, day traders and swing traders might need to trade equities, futures, spot contracts and CFDs effectively.